Why Choose ComXchange?

Safeguard Your Technology Investment

Historically, phone systems have always utilized proprietary technology, which, by design puts unnecessary risk on the buyer. Most are familiar with the inevitable price that's paid when a manufacturer discontinues a proprietary product.

Parts and service become scarce and prices climb exponentially. ComXchange leverages best in class standards-based hardware, providing a welcome hedge against the risk of obsolescence

Lower Operating Expenses

ComXchange was designed specifically for the hospitality industry, encompassing features that improve efficiencies in the day-to-day operations of a hotel. Whether you utilize the labor reducing capacity of our workflow management module or prolong the life of your assets with our preventative maintenance system, you will benefit from the hotel-specific features we've integrated into ComXchange.

There is simply no better way to guarantee lower ongoing maintenance costs than the utilization of open standards. Even more, ComXchange includes one of the best warranties in the business.

Prepare For The Future

We've all experienced the disappointment of learning that the latest technologies and innovations are "just an upgrade away." While it's very difficult to predict what the next breakthrough in technology will be, odds are it will be embraced much faster in an open IT infrastructure.

Open standards systems have the luxury of a worldwide network of developers working to improve the technology. Conversely, proprietary equipment manufacturers must work independently to find compatibility with new technologies. This puts a much larger cost burden on these manufacturers and requires greater investment in order to provide new technology add-ons.

By embracing open standards, ComXchange provides you with greater flexibility, allowing you to choose from the best products at market-driven prices, today and in the future.

Reduce Capital Expenditures

Until now, hotels have been forced to choose from low-cost systems that lack compatibility with today's VoIP standards, or expensive enterprise systems that have been re-packaged for the hospitality sector.

ComXchange changes all that. No longer do you have to sacrifice compatibility for affordability. In fact, you'll likely see just the opposite as market forces improve quality while simultaneously driving down the price, resulting in reduced capital investment.