How Is ComXchange Different?

Hospitality-Specific Communications Server

ComXchange is the first IP PBX built from the ground up specifically for the lodging industry.

Open Hardware Platform

Traditional proprietary phone systems must be developed, maintained and supported by a single manufacturer at a considerable cost, which is ultimately passed on to you, the customer. This is especially true when proprietary systems are discontinued, leaving you with obsolete equipment that is only available from one manufacturer and forcing you into escalating support costs.

Conversely, ComXchange leverages the power of open standards hardware. We're not interested in locking you down to proprietary, expensive equipment and upgrades. Allowing you to choose from a host of best in class products compatible with ComXchange translates into lower hardware prices, easier upgrades, better access to equipment and protection from obsolescence.

Ultimately, we are able to deliver extremely cost effective systems up-front, with the added benefit of cost savings for you down the road, which is a powerful combination.

Simplified Licensing

You are probably accustomed to other vendors charging for every feature and type of license. While other vendors use a la carte licensing, ComXchange reduces costs and confusion with its simplified universal licensing scheme. You no longer need to upgrade your license for every feature you want to use. In fact, ComXchange actually allows you to freely upgrade an extension from analog to IP if you wish to do so. There are truly no hidden costs.

All-in-One Solution

Multiple interfaces, vendors and servicing distributors often create discord and additional expenses when trying to tie systems together. ComXchange eases this by providing an all-in-one solution. At the end of the day, fewer interfaces means fewer challenges for you.

ComXchange is an all-inclusive Communications Server; PBX, voice messaging, automated wake-up calls, unified messaging, auto attendant, hosted conferencing, call accounting and workflow management are all housed and integrated within ComXchange and simply connect to the PMS