ComXchange CLOUD


With ComXchange Cloud, hoteliers can utilize the features of ComXchange with the added reliability and benefits of cloud infrastructure.

A cloud solution can generate substantial cost savings, while providing greater performance and piece of mind.

The cost for a single user to occupy space within a datacenter would be prohibitive. The advantage for hotels and users is the concept of shared resources and services, which is then only a fraction of the overall cost of facility operations and the initial cost of hardware. While each user has its own dedicated modules or server space, the design of the Datacenter is intended to service thousands of users and can be expanded as needed.

How often do hotels have to choose between adding additional features or stations and the cost to upgrade to a higher capacity system? In a hosted environment, you only pay for what you need and provisions for expansion is unlimited. Want to build a new wing with 30 guestrooms or simply add a new admin office work station, with computer and telephones but your servers are already maxed out…...that will never be an issue with a hosted solution to service thousands of users and can be expanded as needed.

For hotels that are part of a management group or just owners that own more than one or two or two dozen hotels, hosting provide easy adaptation to operate multiple hotels located in different areas of the country using one system. That’s right, you can share the recourses of your hosted systems between multiple properties, multiple flags, multiple infrastructure designs.

You will not need the same level of individual property maintenance support or on-site service. Datacenters are staffed 24/7 by experts who can diagnose issues and switch out components in a fraction of the time typically required for a traditional service call.

One of the outstanding benefits of hosted solutions is the ease and lower cost of adding new or enhanced applications and features. They are already installed in the Datacenter and it’s just a work order away from adding enhanced capabilities to your platform.